The Basics: Control Spending and Debt

There is no amount of income, no matter how great, that can make up for out-of-control spending. To rely on income without controlling spending is like a fisherman who works feverishly to empty water from his boat with a bucket, but never plugs the large hole in his boat… he may keep up for a while, but eventually the boat is going to sink.

If you need convincing, do not take my word for it… look at governments around the world who routinely take in unthinkable revenue/income and still manage to spend more than they take in. The more they have, the more they spend… until finally the boat is sinking, and often they still do not control spending. They just look for a bigger bucket to scoop the water out of the boat.  It would serve them well to plug the hole in the boat.

Ok, you say…that is governments… they are spending other people’s money. It can’t happen to individuals. Look at celebrities or professional athletes who make many millions of dollars and then end up broke and bankrupt when their career is over. They never controlled spending or debt.

It is a crucial part of any financial strategy to be intentional and controlled in your spending and debt. Please check out our resource links on Control Spending and Debt to get a great head start in this area.


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