Find The Right Job

Where we work, what we do, with whom we work, how much we get paid… and our attitude toward our own work are all important aspects to consider when deciding on a path to earn money. We can not provide for ourselves, let alone share financial blessing with others, if we do not have the ability or willingness to work hard and earn money.

I have found a few sites that may be helpful. I have done internet screening on them but not extensively. They look to be focused on Christian values. I appreciate feedback on these sites or others you may find from those who use them… just reply to the Contact Us page. Thanks!

Of course you can find many secular organizations to help identify and grow your skills as well as search to find new job opportunities. These are readily available through common search engines.

  • is a one-stop Christian job, ministry, and employment center. Find or post church, ministry, and other jobs for Christians. Post your free or featured resume. Read Christian job search and career planning articles.
  • focuses on helping people find jobs, careers, and God’s calling.
  • tries to help you find direction and purpose in your work instead of just a job to get money.
  • The Institute for Faith, Works, and Economics ( is a Christian research organization committed to promoting biblical and economic principles that help individuals find fulfillment in their work and contribute to a free and flourishing society.
  • wants to help you thrive at work every day. They provide practical tools and strategies for you as a worker and for your church, business, or organization.

We help you create a simple but effective framework for a personal financial plan including generating income, managing debt and spending, investing and giving.