About Us – John

The content and maintenance of this website is provided by John, Director for Hearing From Jesus (website: HearingFromJesus.org). No financial donations are made to support this website.

John, is a passionate Christian who has been on a journey to know Jesus Christ more intimately over the past 20 years. His faith in Christ has transformed his life. He is happily married and has four wonderful children.

John has a passion to use his knowledge to help others by reaching out to provide quality financial advice at no cost to people who would benefit from it.

When asked why he does not put his picture and name front and center all over the website (like so many others)…

“I do not want GrowGodsMoney.org to be about me. Jesus Christ  wants His people to be wise stewards of the resources He provides. I want this project to be about serving Jesus Christ by helping those who need it.”

We help you create a simple but effective framework for a personal financial plan including generating income, managing debt and spending, investing and giving.