Our Vision

At GrowGodsMoney.org, our vision is to help people learn how to manage their finances more effectively from generating income, managing debt and spending, to saving and investing… all in a godly way. Many whom we help would not otherwise have access to this kind of financial advice and support.

Money is a necessary part of our everyday lives to convert our labor or services into a value that can purchase what we need to survive and to thrive.

Unfortunately, money is also a big stumbling block for many. It can tear apart families and friendships. It can put a high stress load on people and tempt them to do wrong things they would otherwise not consider. For some it is greed, and for others it is a lack of wisdom or skill to manage it properly.

Money also has the tremendous potential to be a tool with which to serve God and our fellow man in addition to taking care of our own families and providing our basic needs.


We help you create a simple but effective framework for a personal financial plan including generating income, managing debt and spending, investing and giving.