Invest Wisely

I recommend the following resources to help at-home investors or investors who want to be prepared to challenge and understand the recommendations of their financial advisors. They provide a broad set of resources and help to guide non-professional investors at reasonable cost.

This is not necessarily an endorsement for working directly with individual brokers or agents, which you have to evaluate on a person by person basis.

Investing Platforms

  • Charles Schwab at provides a trading platform in addition to typical portfolio managed funds.
  • Fidelity Investments at provides a trading platform in addition to typical portfolio managed funds..
  • Vanguard  at provides broad investment diversification opportunity at low fee / cost structure through portfolio managed funds like mutual funds.

Examples of Investing Tools/Resources

  • Charles Schwab provides a quick and easy asset allocation model that can be helpful in evaluating personal risk tolerance and diversification across investment class.
  • Fidelity provides a good tool for sector analysis within stocks. You can start with sector overview and drill down for more information within each sector.
  • Investopedia is a useful reference site for basics ranging from investing dictionary to market strategies and tutorials.
  • State Street Global Advisors SPDRiShares by Blackrock, and ETF Resume are examples of sites that provide information focused around Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).
  • Vanguard provides a search tool for bond funds and other mutual funds that provides quick research and selection for fixed income investments that may be right for you.

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